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Talents, also called traits, are a specific type of abilities. Just as any ability, a talent alters or adds to the behavior of the scroll it's on. However, because its mechanics is very common, a talent isn't described with full sentences but is only represented by keywords.

A scroll can have any number of talents, although many scrolls don't have any.

List of talents[edit | edit source]

Armor X
All combat damage dealt to [this unit] is reduced by [X].
Curse X
This unit takes [X] extra damage any time it takes damage.
Dominion: XXX
Creature comes in play with Countdown set to 0.
Inspiring: XXX
This unit attacks at a specific section of the board.
Pillage: XXX
Ranged attack
This unit does not take damage from attacking Spiky units.
If opponent blocking unit is destroyed, this creature will continue its attack.
When [this unit] deals damage to a creature, that creature is destroyed.
Spiky X
When [this unit] is attacked in melee, [this unit] deals [X] damage to attacking unit.

Removed talents[edit | edit source]

Goo Lobber
Units attacked by [this unit] gets +1 Countdown.
Push back attacked unit by 1 tile.